2 Pole Connector System
  • 400 A at 1,000 V
  • Low profile with CPA
  • HVIL and temperature sensor
  • Use with 50, 70 mm2 and 95 mm2 wire
  • 400 A at 1,000 V
  • Low profile with CPA
  • HVIL and temperature sensor
  • Use with 50, 70 mm<sup>2</sup> and 95 mm<sup>2</sup> wire


  • 2 Pole connector HV connector system 90°
  • CPA (connector position assurance)
  • Nominal voltage: U = 1,000 V (DC), U = 4,000 V (DC)
  • Environmental conditions: –40° C to +140° C
  • Current-carrying capacity: 400 A / 85° C (class 5 acc to LV215)
  • Cable cross section: – 50 mm², 70 mm², 95 mm² Cu/AI
  • IP sealing: IP6K9K, IP68
  • EMI(shielding effectiveness): 50 dB up to 300 MHz
    • Shielded transition 360°
    • Shielded transition resistance < 2 mΩ
  • IP protection class: IPXXD (mounted), IPXXB (demounted)
  • Vibration class: Level 3*
  • High voltage: Interlock (HVIL) (optional)
  • Temperature sensor: Yes (optional)
  • CPA: Yes
  • Connection & disconnection force: < 75 N*
  • Mating cycles: 50 cycles
  • Termination: ultrasonic weld


  • 400 amps continuous makes this an ideal connector for battery and charging applications
  • Slide latch allows for low-profile making packaging easy
  • HVIL for quick power disconnect
  • Temperature sensor for temperature monitoring
  • <75 N allows for easy mating*
  • Can be used with either aluminum or copper wire


Battery to inverter

* Testing in progress

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