Telescopic Articulated Remote Mast

TARM (Telescopic Articulated Remote Mast) is located in the RACE test facility of the British company UKAEA. TARM can be used via remote control in the fusion reactor to carry out maintenance work even in difficult environments: High radiation doses and temperatures as well as limited access pose a great challenge to the robotics used. It must be possible to operate it reliably at all times.

This combination perfectly meets the customer's requirements: modular design for transmission of different media, high packing density, CAT 5 and fiber optic transmission as well as the use of LCP insulating bodies.
TARM consists of a vertical telescopic mast and a horizontal telescopic boom. In each of the three articulated joints of the telescopic boom there is a connector solution of ODU-MAC® Silver-Line and ODU-MAC® White-Line.

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