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Small size, large variety

Mühldorf am Inn,

The ODU-­MAC® ZERO combines diverse types of transmission in the smallest of spaces

Mühldorf am Inn, May 31, 2016 – Compact and flexible: The ODU-MAC ZERO is truly impressive thanks to its versatile modularity in the smallest of spaces. This new hybrid connector by ODU, the specialist in electrical connector technology, comes in a mini plastic housing. The connector’s space-­saving housing geometry enables the placement of a generous range of modules for reliably transmitting signals, power, light waves, data and coax. Customers are free to choose these modules, and can combine up to nine units. In place of an aluminum frame, the housing of the ODU-MAC ZERO has integrated rails, therefore making magnetic components unnecessary. The frameless design also stands out thanks to its three different cable outlets and aesthetically attractive ergonomic design. Easy handling is ensured through low mating and demating forces as well as per module coding options or color-coded cable bend reliefs. The connector’s SNAP-IN locking with break-­away function ensures the quick emergency release of the connection. “The ODU-MAC ZERO offers our customers secure customized connections along with a high level of packing density and functionality,” explains Bernhard Säckl, from ODU’s portfolio management rectangular connector. Upon request, the technology company is also able to provide cable assembly. For further information on the ODU-MAC modular rectangular connector – celebrating 30 successful years in 2016 − please visit