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Time on track, engineering design, costs: Just a few evaluation points for the new racing car of the NTNU Trondheim. The Norwegian University has its own racing team Revolve NTNU which is participating in the world’s biggest engineering competition:

Formula Student. The demanding goal is to build a race car from scratch in one year. Tommy Nyman, Sales Manager ODU Scandinavia: “We were contacted by Revolve in April 2017. They had heard about ODU from one of our Norwegian customers, who recommended our connectors. Revolve asked us to help them with a small amount of connectors for signal transfer for their 2018 car. So we helped with a couple of connectors, and we decided to support the present Revolve team with all the signal connectors for the 2019 car they are working on now.” ODU is happy to play a supporting role and assist the Revolve NTNU Team with ODU connectors for their racing car which will be revealed anytime soon. We are excited to see what the 67 team members created and will keep you posted.