Heavy Duty Kontaktdon

Connections for the toughest environmental conditions.


Rain, wind, water, snow or frost – these robust circular connectors easily stand up to the toughest of environmental conditions. Whether in use on container cranes or in smelting furnaces, the solid housings have been designed for the most adverse circumstances.

The proven ODU SPRINGTAC contacts with springwire technology can be used to transfer signals all the way up to the high current range. They ensure a reliable and trouble-free connection even when used in vibrating environments.


  • Extremely long service lives
  • Up to 400 A
  • Housing available with screw and bayonet locking
  • High vibration resistance
  • Selection of more than 100 standard inserts
  • High contact density – up to 90 contacts
  • Springwire contacts for the greatest contact stability
  • Contacts with screw, solder or crimp termination
  • Cable assembly included

Modular adapter for endurance tests

The DUT Adapter Module can be equipped with up to six measurement modules and up to four power modules for endurance...


Heavy ODU round plug connectors type 310 make the secure electrical connection between these tram cars.


ODU-MAC® ODU DOCK Silver-Line Automatic Docking

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ODU-MAC® White-Line Compact Modular Connector System

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ODU-MAC® Blue-Line Overview

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