Diverse connection solutions for a broad range of tasks: whether for transferring power, signals, data or media – when the demand is for perfect quality and absolute reliability ODU always delivers.  When innovative applications call for new solutions in connection technology we provide the connection you need, tailored to your requirements – we can also offer a complete system, including installation, from a single source.  As specialists in the development and manufacture of connections with turned and stamped contacts, ODU combines all the relevant vital skills in one company.

Push-Pull Rundsteckverbinder
Push-Pull Cirkulära Kontakter

Push-Pull circular connectors with a robust metal or plastic housing and a service life of several thousand mating cycles.

Elektriska Kontakter

Highly specialized contact types of outstanding quality enable secure and reliable connections.

Modulare Steckverbinder
Modulära kontaktdon

Versatile configuration options, impressive service life: The ODU-MAC series has been designed for an extremely high number of mating cycles and low space requirements.

Mass Interconnect-system
mass interconnect-produkte loesungen
Mass Interconnect-system

Mass Interconnect-lösningar för att testa kretskort och sammansatta elektroniska komponenter.


From connector, cable and cable extrusion to watertight potting – ODU supplies you with the complete system from one source.

Applikations- und Kundenspezifische Loesungen
Applikations- och kund unika lösningar

If you operate in a dynamic market and want to explore new territory with your technologies, then you also need innovative connection systems in order to bring your ideas to life in the best possible way in reliably functioning applications.

Heavy Duty Kontaktdon

Rain, wind, water, snow or frost – these robust circular connectors easily stand up to the toughest of environmental conditions.

Kretskorts kontakter

Excellent transmission quality in various designs for industrial applications.