• Reliable quick-connection technology
  • Maximum touch protection
  • High-voltage solutions


Intuitive handling. Precisely tailored to your application.

The ODU MEDI-SNAP® with push-pull locking delivers easy connection in less than a second. An automatic locking mechanism after mating reliably prevents unwanted release – even if the cable is under tension. The connection can only be released by deliberately pulling back the outer sleeve. The intuitive coding options ensure safe connection of the ODU MEDI-SNAP® with push-pull locking over more than 2,000 mating cycles.
The ODU MEDI-SNAP® offers a high contact density in a most compact installation space and a transmission of various media. There are also inserts for high-voltage applications available. The high-voltage inserts for the ODU MEDI-SNAP® are enabling the reliable transmission of up to 1,000V AC / 16A according to IEC 60664-1. Further they are capable of preventing “hot plugging” by featuring a special pin-layout design with lagging contacts. Besides the applications in industrial and test- and measurement technology, the push-pull connectors are used primilary in medical applications due to their high chemical resistance.

ODU supplies flexible complete systems consisting of push-pull connectors, cables with custom assembly and optional labeling. You benefit from our system approach featuring ODU quality from start to finish.



  • Vibration-resistant locking
  • Freely selectable optical and mechanical coding
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • High-voltage solutions for up to 1,000 V AC
  • Maximum patient & operator protection acc. to IEC 60601-1 (2 MOPP / 2 MOOP)
  • Full sterilization capability
  • Complete cable assembly possible

New video!

ODU guarantees the maximum possible protection for patient and operator with its circular connectors according to the IEC 60601-1. How? Click here!
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  • Industrial

Medical balancing vest for posture correction

The walking aid by ReMoD is an electronic biofeedback device that helps patients with neurologically...

Portable respirator/defibrillator

Two ODU products are used in the MEDUMAT/MEDUVENT ventilator: ODU SPRINGTAC® contacts in the docking...


The pulsoximeter measures oxygen saturation and pulse frequency. The ODU MEDI-SNAP® forms the...

Inhaler for horses

In this inhaler for lung treatment of horses, the ODU MEDI-SNAP® with Break-Away function connects...

Fetal heart rate monitoring device

Application: The device monitors fetal heart rate (FHR) to continuously analyse the state of the...


This new kind of respiratory humidifier is connected between the respiratory device and the patient....

Power measuring device

This power measuring device collects and records a range of parameters including current, voltage...

Universal measuring device

This measuring amplifier for universal use is supplied with a voltage of up to 30 volts by the ODU...

Service box for street lighting systems

This device serves as a maintenance interface. It enables the service technician to extract and...

LED screens

The ODU MEDI-SNAP® transmits power for LED screens used on large stages and grandstands. Its...

Mobile security systems

In this system, the ODU MEDI-SNAP® serves multiple purposes: It is responsible for power and signal...
ODU - advanced connector solutions
What benefits do you gain from our silicone-overmolded system solutions? Discover our technology with unique surface.
ODU guarantees the maximum possible protection for patient and operator with its circular connectors according to the IEC 60601-1. How? Click here!
How does the ODU Product Finder work? Choose between thousands of circular connectors and find your solution. How? See here.
Do you need a manufacturer for your connector including cable assembly? One inquiry to one contact person – that's all ODU needs to offer you a complete system solution from a single source
Not sure how to assemble your YOUR ODU MEDI-SNAP® Push-Pull connector? Just kick back and find out by watching our video tutorial.
We care about good contacts - do you? Contact lubrication with the Service Kit for Electrical Contacts.
Facing problems with calibrating digital crimping tools? Learn more about the correct procedure.
Learn more about our customized overmoldings for connectors assembled by ODU – for prototypes and samples, as well as small and large series.
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ODU MEDI-SNAP® Circular Connector made of plastic or metal

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Standard Cables and Accessories *Only available in Europe!

  • english

New products circular connectors

  • english
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ODU MEDI-SNAP®: Intuitive handling – robust design

  • english
  • deutsch

ODU MEDI-SNAP® Break-Away Connectors Overview

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Silicone overmolded system solutions

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  • korean

ODU Cable Assembly Complete Systems from one Source

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ODU MEDI-SNAP® Assembly Instruction

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Cleaning Alcohol for Expanded Beam Technologie – Safety Data Sheet

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Crimp Instruction

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Crimp Instruction

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Whitepaper IEC 60601-1

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  • french

New: Disposable receptacle for ODU MEDI-SNAP® Push-Pull connectors

The reliable and economical disposable solution. ODU has expanded its range with a one-piece,...

ODU MEDI-SNAP® – New in-line receptacle in size 2

New size 2 styles, developed for multi-pole applications, for increased flexibility of the ODU...

The new ODU Product Finder – A smart way to meet your needs!

We give you a brief insight to our ODU Product Finder.

New products in the ODU MEDI-SNAP® catalog

New products have been added to the ODU MEDI-SNAP® catalogue:
ODU presents its expanded, diverse...


ODU is expanding its ODU MEDI-SNAP® portfolio with additional Break-Away versions. In many...

New catalog: standard cables and accessories

ODU presents a large selection of standard cables and accessories in a new catalog. Both cables and...

Trend markets in the medical area | Part 3: Device recognition

Single-use or reusable? Both options are often required in medical applications. Some connections...

Trend markets in the medical area | Part 1: Sensor technology

More and more sensors are providing values and data for improved patient monitoring. The SPO2...


Everything from one source: ODU offers a customized, complete system solution. This means that every...
Technical Data
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5-pos. ODU MEDI-SNAP Receptacle (Socket version) – High Voltage

  • english

5-pos. ODU MEDI-SNAP Push-Pull Connector (Socket version) – High Voltage

  • english

5-pos. ODU MEDI-SNAP Receptacle (Pin version) – High Voltage

  • english

5-pos. ODU MEDI-SNAP Push-Pull Connector (Pin version) – High Voltage

  • english

ODU MEDI-SNAP Receptacle – Style GE

  • english

ODU MEDI-SNAP Receptacle – Style GA

  • english

ODU MEDI-SNAP Receptacle – Style G9

  • english

5-pos. ODU MEDI-SNAP Receptacle for signal and power transmission

  • english

5-pos. ODU MEDI-SNAP In-line receptacle incl. cable assembly for signal and power transmission

  • english

16-pos. ODU MEDI-SNAP Reptacle for signal transmission

  • english

16-pos. ODU MEDI-SNAP In-line receptacle incl cable assembly for signal transmission

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